Monday, April 8, 2013

Raven Knight

The Raven Knight

Once upon a time there was a boy named Edmaga.  He wanted more than anything to be a bird.  But when he was old enough, Edmaga’s parents forced Edmaga to be a knight instead.  One day, while Edmaga was guarding King Amiz he stopped to rest at a wall.  Soon an old wizard with a wand walked up to him and saw he was working very hard but did not like the hard work he was given.  So he told him he would grant him one wish.  Of course we know Edmaga wished to be a bird.  But since the wizard was old his wand was too and the spell worked half way.  He was the biggest bird all the other knights had ever seen.  They drew out their swords and Edmaga had to fly away.  He couldn’t fly very well but made it to safety in time.  Edmaga’s family was shocked when the other knights told them their boy had turned into a monster “He had always wanted to be a bird.  But I never thought he would turn to a bird monster”, sobbed Edmaga’s mom.  Meanwhile Edmaga had started working nightjobs.  One night while Edmaga had perched down on a branch, he was watching the gates and he spotted two men.  One of them threw a rope over the gates.  Edmaga swooped down and made him fall.  The rope fell at the other man’s feet.  He immediately pounced on Edmaga and tied him up.  Guards stormed out of the castle and charged at Edmaga as he gave a squawk of fear.  “No,” cried a familiar voice.  It was his mom.  “That’s my son don’t hurt him!” she cried to the guards.  The knights immediately charged at the robbers and tied them up.  From then on, Edmaga was treated like a hero.

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