Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two minds - a poem

Two Minds

You always knew what to say,
You were there everyday.
It was like you were me,
If only others could see.
It was like you were always there,
It was like you were everywhere.
You never seemed like any other,
when we were around each other.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maddie Mermaid - A mermaid story

Maddie Mermaid
And the jeweled discovery
Maddie was having a great day. Her best friend Trisha was coming over and they were gonna unlock the secrets of Mermaidians 4. Trisha and Maddie loved secrets. When Trisha came, they played in the underwater field. Maddie was swimming when she saw something shining in the seaweed. Maddie was attracted to shiny things. She went and grabbed it. She stopped to look at it. It was in the shape of a beetle. “Could it be a fossilized beetle?”
she thought. But it was blue.
Maddie stood behind Trisha in the Mermaid Museum. Trisha looked around. Trisha knew the Mermaid Museum by heart. Trisha led her to the west wing. There she took her to a small stand. Carved in it were small holes. The holes were shaped like a deer,a turtle,a rabbit,and a beetle. Next to the stand was a merman wearing a helmet. Maddie stopped to read the statement.
Scientists believe that this
merman tried to open some
kind of portal to a similar world.
Not even our best,bravest mermaids
have gone to this world
Trisha,” Maddie called “I don't think that this is a good idea.” But it was too late. Trisha had already put in the beetle.

To be continued....