Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ghostlingham The Great

January 20
Hi! I am Ghostlingham.  Let me tell you a story. Now let's see. Well I will tell you about the time I had my first adventure. My mom was driving me to Granny Grums house. When we got there, I called "Granny". just then we heard a scream. It was coming from the kitchen. I dashed towards the kitchen. "Whats the matter" I panted. I can't find my secret recipe for chunky chocolate nut raisin ice-cream cupcakes Granny answered. Granny had a recipe for everything and this was the 5th time in the past month I had helped her to find a recipe. "Oh Granny", I whined. "You are always losing everything." Alright, alright, I am always losing everything. Granny said rolling her eyes "Now will you stop blabbering and help me?". Sometimes Granny can be kind of stern. "OK"  I groaned.


"Granny" I groaned for the seventeenth time. "Can't we take a break?  I mean we have been searching for six hours. My mom is coming in two hours." I am beginning to think that Granny loves this recipe. "Granny, let's atleast try some clues." Granny nodded. Now, this was the kind of thing that I was good at. I've been solving mysteries since I was three. I pulled out my notepad. "Have you found it yet?" asked Granny.


I started pulling out my detective supplies. First, I took out my magnifying glasses to look for the finger prints. There were couple of finger prints here and there. I took out my notepad again. I drew a picture of the finger print. Then I turned to Granny. "Who knows the code to your safe?" I asked. "Just your uncle Orange." She answered. That solved it. He knew something about this. "Can we go to uncle Orange's House?" I asked. Granny nodded. We got into her car.


When we got to uncle Orange's house, I knocked on the door. My cousin Sam answered the door. He held the door open silently. His face was pale. I marched straight up to the top  floor and stormed into the office. "Uncle Orange," I called. "Yes.." answered a deep voice. I went to the desk. I pulled out my notepad and wrote 'What Uncle Orange knows-'. "Do you know anything about Granny's missing recipes or at least about these" I pulled out the contents of things I had found lying around in Granny's house. There was  a pair of yellow gloves, a strip of newspaper, a purple note book with initials S R O on it and a super man lunch bag containing an apple, orange and a banana. "Well," he said seeing the contents. "S.R.O are Sam's initials. That's all I know". "Well, that solves it. Sam is the culprit" I said. I went downstairs and saw Sam reading a long list. "Sam," I said sternly. "Did you take Granny Grum's recipe for chunky chocolate nut raisin ice-cream cupcakes?" I asked him. Sam looked up and handed me the list. He nodded. I smiled. Sam had been honest and caused no trouble. Now, that was a lesson learned.


I got to Granny's house. And the moment I stepped in, I heard a lot of noise that sounded like people are partying. I looked around and saw a DJ, dance floor and best of all, cupcakes!!. Then, I saw something that made me laugh. Sam was there eating two cupcakes at once. Then, I noticed something. The wrappers had "G" on them. Then the worst thing happened. Granny came and kissed me right on my forehead.

            THE END

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